25. januar 2010

To the Movies...

Dagens indlæg er en liste over film for det strikkende folk, vi snupper den på engelsk, da noget af det sjove ville smutte i oversættelsen.

Fair nok skal det  siges at jeg ikke personligt at ophavskvinde til disse titler, men jeg synes at de fortjener at blive kastet ud i blogland, selv om jeg desværre ikke ved, hvem den oprindelige forfatter er.

Karate Knit (cast-on, cast-off )
I know what you knit last summer (don't get hooked)
Termiknitter (I'll knit back...)
Dirty Knitting (when one stitch is not enough)
Scary Knit I, II and III (we call them acryllic, nylon and rayon!)
Casablanket (we'll always knit in Paris)
Stitch Wars (may the gauge be with you)
Knitter's in the Caribbean - The curse of the black purl!
Knitty Woman (I never treated you like a hooker)
Star Trekking (where no sock yarn has ever gone before)
Titaknit (I'm the king of the purl)
Yarnia (which lion is in your wardrobe?)
One stitch over the cuckoo's nest (knitting close to madness)
You got Rail (meeting love via Ravelry's mail)
Gauge of the Jungle (me knit, you purl?)
A Knit's Tale (we will, we will block you!)
My Fair-isle Lady (the fly in the dye won’t be seen when you ply)
The Little Mermaid (Falkenberg for kids)
Lost in Translation (true in many patterns)
Rib Roy (featuring scottish tweed)
Evilla (don't ply for me Argentina)
The Block (good action for manly sweaters)
Hang'em Dry (what every knitwear needs)
Knitmare on Elm Street (work your guts in garter)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!! (a handy sorting for your wips)
Dye Hard (KoolAid action)
Lord of the Strings (well, we all have yarns that just are... precioussss!!!)
The Knitmare before Christmas (just ask the Yarnharlot)
Purl Harbor (one last stitch before we sink)
Men in Black (why oh why do we knit for them?)
Once upon a time in a vest (now without sleeves)

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